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Cutting-edge micronutrition

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Microvance, cutting-edge micronutrition.

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Healthy microbiome excellence

A new line of supplements rich in lactic ferments, with which you can take care of your flora, so that it can take care of you.

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Cutting-edge micronutrition

Microvance is a range of natural high-quality food supplements with a proven effectiveness, essential for staying healthy and improving our quality of life.

Experts in Micronutrition

We have a team of researchers and doctors specialised in micronutrition. They develop our products in accordance with the latest scientific breakthroughs. We train health professionals to become experts in micronutrition at the Ysonut Academy.

Excellence in Quality

We guarantee the traceability of raw materials in the production process, from the extraction of plants or fruit extracts to the final product. Our products are free from palm oil, colouring agents, titanium dioxide, aspartame, GMOs, heavy metals, pesticides and pollutants. They are free of allergens such as gluten and lactose.

Certified products

We have more than 20 quality certificates guaranteed by independent organisations to offer you the best products.


Exclusive formulas

We develop exclusive formulas, with patented ingredients, such as plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc. that act synergistically. Clinical studies are conducted on most of the ingredients used in our supplements. The bioavailability and tolerance of our products are above the market average thanks to technologies such as microencapsulation and the use of amino complexes.

Inspired by nature

Nature and sustainability at the heart of our products


We select the best of nature to guarantee maximum effectiveness. Our capsules have a vegetable or marine origin and our fish oils are eco-responsible and free of heavy metals. We prioritise sustainable cultivation and traditional hand-harvesting. Our plant extracts are carefully selected, pesticide-free and use natural solvents such as water to preserve their qualities.



This is an innovative nutritional concept created by Ysonut in 2007 based on nutritional chronobiology. It consists of adapting products to the body's biological rhythms to ensure greater effectiveness and tolerance.


Preserving health at our body´s pace

Product ranges

Microvance has a broad range of products to cover all needs: wellness, digestive health, immune system, beauty, women's health, children, healthy ageing, etc.

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Microbiome and digestive sphere

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Essential fatty acids

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Metabolism and weight

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PROBIOVANCE®, microbiome health excellence

PROBIOVANCE® is a line of probiotic-rich supplements specifically designed to improve your intestinal well-being, maintain a strong immune system and act on specific areas such as intimate or oral health.

Reference strains

From the world's best manufacturers. Large capacity to adhere to the intestinal mucous membrane. High concentration of probiotics to ensure efficacy.


Safety guarantee (EFSA QSP certificates). Suitable for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Natural origin, non GMO.

Proven effectiveness

Numerous international feasibility studies. Efficacy in specific indications.

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Cutting-edge technological processes. Selection of gastro-resistant strains. Stable products at room temperature (no refrigerator required). Counting controlled by an independent laboratory.

Exclusive formulas

Specific probiotic associations in each product.

100% Made in France

100% French development and production.


Always by your side

We are always available if you have any questions

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