Facing the nutritional challenges of 21st Century

Ysonut Laboratories was born in France more than 15 years ago with the intention of generating solutions for the nutritional disorders of our time as well as their associated health risks such as obesity, recently announced by WHO as a world epidemic.

An innovative and effective solution: Rythmonutrition®

In an attempt to tackle the above challenge, Ysonut Laboratories has developed a new approach to nutrition based on the study of biological rhythms – hence, Rythmonutrition® -, which guarantees the reliability and efficacy of our products, namely:

A wide range of protein products for efficient weight loss exclusively under medical supervision. For the whole duration of the Protéifine diet the Dynovance and Sérovance products give the extra benefit of mood and satiety control.

A wide range of high quality nutritional supplements to counteract the deficiencies in micronutrients – vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc. – that are very common in modern lifestyles.


A front line team at the edge of research

Behind the products and concepts created by Ysonut Laboratories lies our scientific committee: a body consisting of doctors specialized in nutritional medicine whose mission is to devise, develop and validate the laboratory’s activities in collaboration with a wide network of international authorities in nutritional sciences.

An international leader with a promising future

Ever since its beginnings, Ysonut Laboratories has come forward as a reference in the field of medical dietetics for health professionals.

Our success stems from a strict adherence to our principles of rigour, honesty and excellence throughout all our activities, research, products and services.

Our unfailing commitment to every party we liaise with – suppliers, collaborators, clients etc, over the years has earned us trust and confidence. The resulting long term steady growth has been systematically reinvested in the company’s continuing development at all levels.



  • More than 15 years’ experience in the field of medical nutrition.
  • Strong presence in several European countries.
  • Branches in Latin America.
  • Thousands of prescribing doctors.
  • Hundreds of thousands of treated patients.
  • Pioneers in the application of Chronobiology to nutrition through the Rythmonutrition® concept.