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Cutting-edge micronutrition

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Laboratories YSONUT

A universe of nutritional solutions for health

Founded in France in 1994, Laboratoires Ysonut is recognised as one of the European leaders in the field of Nutrition, with a strong international presence and continuously expanding. Throughout these years, Ysonut Laboratoires has specialised in understanding the behaviour of macro and micronutrients in the body, developing nutritional protocols with scientific endorsement from medical practitioners to promote people's well-being and health.

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Lose weight in a quick, sustainable, and healthy way, under medical supervision.


We improve the patient's health through nutrition, by stimulating metabolic processes and preventing nutritional deficiencies and their impacts on health.

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Cutting-edge Micronutrition

A therapeutic field from the future, serving today’s needs.

A wide range of hundreds of products with patented formulations and proven clinical efficacy, with all the micronutrients essential to maintaining a proper organic balance.

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Ysonut Academy

Developing nutritional programmes to meet today's needs

Through our R&D we dedicate ourselves to the development of cutting-edge nutritional programmes based on scientific evidence. We aim at providing health professionals with advanced protocols and best-in-class macro- & micro-nutritional products, whilst also offering a wide range of comprehensive trainings to better serve their patients.

Wide range of comprehensive trainings to better serve your clinical patients

Participation in 9 university master's degrees

Expert in the Micronutrition Training Cycle

34 training programmes in 28 health areas

Face-to-face and online courses

Masterclasses given by top academic experts

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Ysonut Academy offers a wide range of comprehensive training courses, designed by and for healthcare professionals

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