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Revolutionasing the traditional restrictive diet plans of yesterday. The new Medical Diet from Protéifine.

For a boost to your confidence and a total bodily overhaul, the Proteifine Medical Diet will enable clients to shed excess fat for good, and re-educate themselves on the principles of healthy eating. New to the MediSpa, this unique diet plan by the leading European Medical Dieting, Micronutrition and Chronobiology Company –YSONUT, can help you lose up to 8kg or 18 pounds in four weeks.

The plan aims to support clients through an individually tailored diet of macronutrients following a high protein, balanced carbohydrate and limited fat composition, enhanced by the range of nutrient-rich Proteifine food products. This balance of food groups ensures that dieters won’t feel hungry or experience cravings for chocolate or junk foods.

No two bodies are the same, or respond in the same ways. The new medical diets take this into account, offering a scientifically proven and biologically sound regime that will ensure you finally drop those pesky unwanted stones you’ve been losing and regaining over and over.

Working with professionals only, YSONUT advises that patients undergo full medical consultations before embarking on the diet. Your Urban Retreat doctor will adapt the diet to your individual requirements after assessing your anthropometric measurements, BMI and medical history, and an analysis of your vitamin and mineral levels after a blood test.