How does the Protéifine protein diet work?

The basic principle is on the one hand to raise the percentage of proteins, which are indispensable for life, and on the other hand to lessen the intake of carbohydrates (glucides) and fats (lipids), which are responsible for weight gain.

The Protéifine line of food product

At YSONUT Laboratories we are aware that there is no universal method for losing weight, despite such claims being made in many advertisements. In light of this, rather than limiting itself to a rigid method for achieving weight loss, the PROTEIFINE line of products is available in various flavours and textures, enabling you and your doctor to put together the “menu” that you find most appealing and which best fits your needs.

The safety and efficacy of medical monitoring

The foods in the PROTEIFINE line of products are not medicines. Nonetheless, they have been developed according to the latest findings in the fields of nutrition and chronobiology, which means they have a very real impact on the body. In this context of “medical dieting”, in which any inappropriate usage can have serious consequences, professional ethics demands that YSONUT Laboratories only sell these products under strict medical prescription.

Furthermore, no weight loss method will work unless the guidelines are obeyed and strictly followed. Without a doctor to assure a patient’s compliance with the indicated rhythms and phases of a diet, such a diet cannot produce the desired weight loss. To the contrary, it can be a health liability.

For that reason, PROTEIFINE products are only sold under doctor’s orders, directly to the patient.

These sales restrictions are YSONUT Laboratories’ way not only of assuring the necessary medical monitoring but also of helping prevent middleman distributors charging patients higher prices for the products.

Contact your personal physician for a trustworthy consultation on the matter.