Microvance supplements: cutting-egde micronutrition

What are micronutrients?

Micronutrients, so called because they are only needed in small quantities, are still indispensable to the well being and functioning of our body, First of all, they allow the adequate absorption and usage of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fat), which provide us with the energy required by our body to undertake all the activities we carry out. They are also involved in a wide variety of functions upon which depend the preservation of our health and quality of life. The majority of these micronutrients cannot be produced by our body and must be provided by our food intake.

Microvance supplements for health and well being

A wide range of more than 50 high quality micronutritional supplements that, in the context of a balanced and healthy lifestyle, contribute to the preservation of well being and quality of life and help us face the many challenges in our daily environment.

The latest technologies in nutritional innovation

  • In sync with our biological rhythms, following the concept of Rythmonutrition®, which optimises the efficacy of micronutritional intake throughout the day.
  • Optimised intestinal absorption ensured by the presence of natural protein hydrolysates.
  • Maximum bioavailability, ensured by the association of active ingredients with their cofactors of assimilation.
  • Normalised intakes and total absence of toxic risks, ensured by the use of nutritional dosages.
  • Food allergens: continued effort to remove them from all products.
  • Practical and innovative formats like: scored tablets to facilitate the intake of adapted doses, or microencapsulation, which allows opening the capsules without altering the product’s efficacy.
  • Latest methods for the protection of active ingredients: blister coatings, microencapsulation, exclusive oil purification and conservation process (EPAX, Quality Silver), etc.

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Why do we need micronutrient supplementation?

Whilst a balanced and varied diet generally provides adequate amounts of nutrients, in many cases, such a diet is not possible for many reasons:

  • A sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, stress, fast food, etc.
  • Micronutrient supplements, as the name suggests, can complement but they should NOT replace a normal diet.

inovance_imgMicronutrient supplements for balanced health

Microvance features more than sixty exclusive dietary and micronutrient supplements aimed at compensating for nutritional imbalances and deficiencies. Microvance products provide all the essential nutrients for optimal bodily functions: vitamins, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, omega -3 fatty acids.

The latest advances in medical and nutritional technology

Microvance supplements benefit from innovative and practical formulations such as microencapsulation which allows users to open the capsules without altering the efficacy of our products.

Thanks to a sophisticated formulation they ensure optimal bioavailability and intestinal absorption.