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Study comparing Standard Protein Diets with Protein Diets enriched with neuromediator precursors

The importance of neurotransmitters in the treatment of overweight and obesity, confirmed by a clinical study.

Overweight and obesity treatment fails frequently. People complain that they are losing weight too slowly, that they have less energy and succumb to the “temptation” of forbidden foods.

We are beginning to understand the causes of these issues: as weeks on a diet go by, the quantity of neurotransmitter precursor amino acids responsible for mood and satiety diminishes, since these amino acids come from food.

To confirm the role of these neurotransmitters in cases of failure and abandonment, so prevalent in all low-calorie diets, Ysonut Laboratories has conducted a clinical study in collaboration with Professor Daniel Rigaud, Head of Endocrinology, Nutrition and Food Behaviour Disorders of the Bocage Hospital Centre at the University of Dijon.

This study shows that taking dietary supplements enriched with tyrosine (indoleamine precursor) and tryptophan (catecholamine precursor) optimises the results obtained by following a diet of protein intake.

  • Increasingly significant weight loss
  • Improves quality of life and eating habits, thanks to the regulation of mood and satiety


The improvement obtained in quality of life (mood disorders) and in eating behaviour is even more significant in obese subjects than in subjects who are lightly overweight. Therefore, the Protéifine Protein Intake Diet enriched with tyrosine(Dynovance) and tryptophan (Sérovance) provides a comprehensive treatment for overweight and obesity, thus ensuring weight loss and maintenance over time.

To learn more about the Study: Download the report in PDF