Ysonut: A laboratory which constantly listens to its patients and collaborators

What motivates us is the wish to contribute to the wellbeing of all those patients who entrust us with their health.
With our help not only will they achieve a healthy balanced nutrition but they can also count on us for its long-term maintenance.

Our priorities: quality, traceability and safety

Regarding manufacturing we strictly abide by the international regulations in force as per the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (H.A.C.C.P.).

In conformity with the Good manufacturing practice (G.M.P.), our facilities guarantee the maximum safety in handling, packaging and transportation.

Our products respect the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) system established by the European Union and the 2008 WHO recommendations on protein requirements. Furthermore, they do NOT contain GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms), heavy metals or any other pollutants.

Finally, in order to empirically validate the efficacy of our products and concepts we conduct independent clinical studies under the auspices of internationally renowned academic authorities.

Attention to customer service

Our Call Centre staff get special training and work exclusively for Ysonut. Besides buying products, customers can use this service to receive information about our products based on the prescription made by the doctor.

At Ysonut Laboratories, we continuously strive to promote all aspects of well-being; this involves, besides nutrition, establishing a special relationship with our collaborators and clients.

Our close collaboration with the scientific world improves patient outcomes

Thanks to the efforts of Ysonut Laboratories to build tight bonds with doctors, hundreds of thousands of patients have been treated successfully with our products.

In order to perpetuate this success, we are constantly developing training sessions and prescription tools for the medical community with the aim of constantly improving patient treatments.

Provision of prescription support tools

We provide office forms, both printed and digital, to our prescribing doctors as well as nutritional guides and various prescription protocols for specific indications (anti-aging, immunity, articulations, sport, lactation, etc.)

Training, Research, Media and Events

Ysonut Laboratories has set up a Continuing Medical Education programme in the form of courses, seminars, workshops, etc., relevant to the laboratory’s areas of development.

Among our scientific publications, Ysonews – a quarterly bulletin with the latest research news in nutrition and micronutrition (articles of CME and practical tools: questionnaires, protocols, clinical cases, etc.) – stands out.

Furthermore, we organize ambitious projects and events such as the 1st Ysonut Symposium of Nutrition and Health held in Barcelona on September 2008, a gathering of more than 200 doctors from many different countries.

The answer for a healthy and tasty nutrition:

Ysonut Laboratories, global solutions in medical dietetics.